Al-Raida Journal


Stay tuned for our special issue celebrating AiW’s 50 anniversary

In celebration of the Arab Institute for Women’s (AiW) 50th anniversary in 2023, Al-Raida is seeking to compile a special issue dedicated to the many advancements made by feminist and women’s rights advocates, organizations, and movements in the Arab region across various realms, including feminist theory, politics, digital activism and media, and women’s rights advocacy since the early 2000s. The goal of this issue is to follow-up on and expand the AiW’s 25th Al-Raida anniversary issue, which chronicled the lives of women in Lebanon (a full copy of this issue can be found online for free at

This issue will be revamped in terms of format and layout, and will include interviews, pictures, and short profiles; the goal is to make this issue as accessible as possible, for readers both familiar with the region and those who are “new” to gender and feminism in the region. The issue will be published in winter (November/December) of 2023, as part of an in-person event marking 2023’s year-long stream of events held by the AiW to mark its 50th anniversary. Following this soft release, the issue will be printed and translated in bulk for distribution to gender and women’s studies libraries around the world, as we do with each of our journal issues.